Adaptable and upgradeable user experience anticipates needs and can evolve with lifestyle changes and technology advancements

Infotainment, sensor and software systems designed to provide a seamless user experience with aid of key technologies:

Facial Recognition and Voice Biometrics

Automatically recognizes and configures the driver’s and passenger’s preferred vehicle settings. Voice biometrics enables the driver and passengers to use voice commands to unlock and open doors upon approaching the vehicle.

Vehicle-to-X (V2X)

Allows the vehicle and infrastructure to "talk" to each other, such as intersection crash warning, traffic sign recognition and emergency vehicle approaching.

Connected: Seamlessly

Seamless vehicle integration of personal devices such as phones, tablets, cameras and wearables.

Personal Zoned Audio

Enhanced audio and personal sound zones enable each passenger to enjoy different content without the need for headphones, while reinforcing audio cues for the driver such as the sound of an ambulance approaching from a particular direction.

Community sharing

Enables passengers to share music, images, videos with other passengers